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Precision CNC machined products include back pressure valves, pressure relief valves and calibration products for water disinfection and chemical dosing.

Since 1951 Sigmamotor Inc. has been an innovator and industry leader in pumping technologies.

We developed the first peristaltic blood pump for open heart surgery, the first infusion pump, the first blood pump used in kidney dialysis and the first of the tumor perfusion units.


Sigmamotor back pressure valves, pressure relief valves and calibration cylinders are widely used as vital components in chemical feed systems for treatment and disinfection of drinking water as well as a myriad of other industrial, pharmaceutical, food & beverage and medical applications.


Sigmamotor Inc. is well equipped with CNC lathes and mills along with conventional tools. We do prototype work as well as mechanical assembly.

We have a thorough, ISO9000 documented inspection department where parts are inspected by process before they are shipped.


The Sigmamotor T Series Pumps have a long history dating back to use in artificial heart pump development in the 1950’s. The unique design of the T-8 pump uses metal ‘fingers’ that are activated by a cam to progressively squeeze the tubing, gently pushing the liquid through the pump head.

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