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Finger Pump technology
The Sigmamotor T-8 Series Pump is designed to pump fluids or gases.
The unique design of the T-8 pump uses metal 'fingers' that are activated by a cam to progressively squeeze the tubing, gently pushing the liquid or gas through the pump head.

Chemical Feed

  • Calibration Cylinders
    Sigmamotor Calibration Cylinders will enhance your feed systems by allowing verification of the flow rate of the feed pump.
  • Back Pressure Valves
    Sigmamotor back pressure valves prevent siphoning and varying rates of dosage from fluctuating downstream pressure by enacting positive discharge pressure in your metering pump system.
  • Pressure Relief Valves
    Sigmamotor pressure relief valves operate when the system pressure raises above the set pressure of the valve to protect systems from damage due to blockages or excessive pressure situations.
  • Gauge Isolators
    More information coming soon.
  • Pulsation Dampeners
    More information coming soon.

CNC Machining
Sigmamotor Inc. was established in 1956. We have kept up with times and are well equipped with CNC lathes and mills along with conventional tools. We do prototype work as well as mechanical assembly. We have a thorough, documented inspection department where parts are inspected by process before they are shipped.

Information and Resources
Browse through the Typical Chemical Resistance Chart and various materials affects on pump tubing.

History of SigmaMotor Inc.
Since 1951 SigmaMotor has been quite innovative for a small company. We were able to develop the first blood pump for open heart surgery, the first infusion pump, the first blood pump used in kidney dialysis and the first of the tumor perfusion units.

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