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Calibration Cylinders
Sigmamotor Calibration Cylinders will enhance your feed systems by allowing verification of the flow rate of the feed pump.

Back Pressure Valves
Sigmamotor back pressure valves prevent siphoning and varying rates of dosage from fluctuating downstream pressure by enacting positive discharge pressure in your metering pump system.

Pressure Relief Valves
Sigmamotor pressure relief valves operate when the system pressure raises above the set pressure of the valve to protect systems from damage due to blockages or excessive pressure situations.

Gauge Isolators
Provides isolation from hazardous or corrosive fluids

Pulsation Dampeners
Greatly reduces the fluid pulsing action of positive displacement pumps to protect pumping systems from potential damage.

Injection Quills
Provide safe delivery of chemicals into pipelines ensuring the dispersion of the chemicals away from the pipe wall.
Visual Flow Indicators
Enhance your chemical feed systems by allowing visual indication of the flow of liquid in the system.

Check Valves
Check Valves provide reliable protection against back-flow of fluids in a chemical feed system. SIGMAMOTOR Check Valves are available in a wide variety of materials and sizes.

Foot Valves
Foot Valves are typically installed at the bottom of a tank to prevent fluid from flowing backwards out of a chemical feed system and back into the chemical storage tank.


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